Ten easy and cheap swaps towards plastic free living

You will have heard this before: replacing a perfectly fine utensil, toothbrush, hairbrush or similar that’s made from plastic just for the sake of it is the wrong way forward! You bought it- you may as well use it! But, once it breaks or doesn’t function anymore, that’s the time to make the swap to go plastic-free. Here’s a list we compiled of products you can easily swap...

1. Toothbrush.
You’re supposed to get a new toothbrush every three months or so. Bamboo toothbrushes like this one are the perfect simple swap.
2. Toothpaste.
Once it’s used up, you need more. So why not stock up on our toothpaste tablets instead? You can buy refills once they’re used up and can get rid of those nasty plastic tubes.
Super easy to switch to, they last longer and are way better for travelling. If you like some nice exfoliating action, get a sisal bag for the soap you use in the shower. It stops you from dropping it, makes suds (that’s foam), and makes your soap last even longer. The sisal bag is also great for chucking those tiny little pieces of hand soap in, once they get too small to wash your hands with!
4. Body Moisturiser.
There are two options. You can either go for a solid body bar, or body
lotion in plastic free containers. Both stop you from adding single-use plastic containers to landfills.
5. Lip balm.
Lip balm is awesome - it protects your lips and smells good. But once you used up your current one, make the switch to a lip balm in plastic-free packaging. Now it’ll protect your lips, smell good AND do good!
6. Washing-up sponge.
Depending on how much washing up you do, those cheap plastic sponges don’t tend to last more than a few weeks. And did you know that they can release micro-plastics into the ocean with every single use? So, next time your sponges are used up, why not replace them with a loofah sponge or a scouring pad? Personally, we use a loofah for the ‘normal’ washing up, and a coconut scourer for the bits that need a bit more elbow grease.
7. Dishwasher tablets.
If you’re lucky enough to own a dishwasher, then stock up on dishwasher tablets  which aren’t packed in plastic and have ocean safe ingredients.
8. Coffee cup.
If you are anything like us, coffee is life! To be able to carry your coffee with you, you can get a reusable mug, which also helps to keep you drink hot. The best news is, that more and more coffee shops offer a discount if you bring your own mug!
9. Lunchbox.
Plastic lunch boxes always tend to break at some point, and once they do they'll still be around for hundreds of years. Even worse, most plastic lunchboxes aren’t actually microwave safe, so there’s no telling what chemicals may get into your food when you heat it up in the microwave. We recommend our stylish stainless steel lunch boxes for cold food, and rice husk ones if you regularly microwave your lunch. 
10. Razor.
Now, this actually wasn’t our first investment as it’s a bit more expensive initially. However, once you have one, it can last you a lifetime and you start saving quick! Our stainless steel safety razors don’t produce any plastic waste. Instead, all you change is the stainless-steel blade which costs 99p for 5 blades! If you’re worried about cutting yourself: don’t be! We have both been using a stainless-steel razor for a long time now, without any issues.

Simple swaps, at low prices. Make the change today.

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