Our Environmental Pledge

Our planet is dying. Every day we lose acres of ancient forests and species go extinct at a disturbing rate. Companies pollute our oceans and environment with chemicals, plastic and other waste. Yet, the majority of companies seem to care very little. Whilst public opinion is slowly pushing change, we fear it may be too little, too late. I started Tecorra the aim to build a company that takes it's social and economic responsibilities seriously. Every product we stock is carefully reviewed for its quality and sustainability, but that's simply not enough. What about the pollution from transporting goods? The electricity used to keep the warehouse lights on? The server ticking away to keep our website live?

I can't expect companies to do more, without doing more myself. This is why, starting today, Tecorra is donating 20% of all net profits, past and present, to the Woodland Trust . As Tecorra grows as a company, donations will be adjusted with our long-term plans to sustain our business growth. We will be transparent with any changes and push ourselves to donate as much as we can. We can't make a dent in the horrific rate of the climate crisis, but we sure can set an example!

If we can do this, having launched only in October, why can't everyone?

Mike Stewart
Director, Tecorra Ltd

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