Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: provide alternatives to plastic products wherever possible, or otherwise limit plastic drastically until alternatives become available. We provide products at the lowest prices we can, so our items are affordable to as many people as possible. We continually seek to improve our products, lower our prices, and re-assess alternatives.

Every item we put up for sale is tested. We make sure our products are high quality and come as advertised. We also look at the ingredients or materials, we assess the carbon footprint of the vendor(s) and manufacturer(s), we look at the wages provided to workers, charitable giving, and environmental certifications. Additionally, we meticulously assess other alternatives on the market and determine which are the best; not in profits or popularity, but on how environmentally friendly they are. 

We hope to build a thriving community of people who want to change the way they live and drastically reduce their plastic consumption. It's not always easy to find alternatives to plastic items and we offer our services free of charge - tell us about items for which you want an alternative, and we will search far and wide for it. If we can't find it, we'll try and contact manufacturers, enquire about options, and provide you with updates on what they say. If you like what you're reading, join us on social media today or email us if you have a product suggestion!

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