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As Tecorra has begun to grow, we wanted to give our customers and readers an idea of who’s behind it. Not only do we hope that this increases your trust in our shop, but also to help you understand why Tecorra was founded, and what principles we stand for.

We are Mike, the founder, IT guy, and director of Tecorra, and Izzy, who helps with blogs, social media, and German efficiency. Although Tecorra only started in 2019, we met in 2013, whilst we were both studying in Liverpool. Mike has a degree in electrical engineering but has long had a passion for programming and made a successful career as a developer. Izzy is about to complete her PhD studying the behaviour of wild African elephants and is the new lodge manager of an eco-lodge in Mozambique. We both share a passion for nature, conservation, the outdoors, and adventure.

During Izzy’s fieldwork in Africa Mike joined her as a volunteer to build an ecological database for park management and so we both had the privilege to live in the African bush, experiencing the beauty of untouched wilderness. We also witnessed first-hand the devastating effects climate change had on the habitat and animals around us.

Striving to live more sustainably and eco-friendly, we have long been using plastic-free products such as bamboo toothbrushes, soap bars, loofahs, menstruation cup (well… Mike hasn’t), and stainless-steel razors. But, especially on a young couple’s (partly student) budget, it can be difficult to go for the more sustainable option. Additionally, we found that detailed information on products is often hard to come by and newsletter articles or blogs don’t provide sources for their claims.

Mike decided he wanted to provide people (that’s you!) with a better and more integrated approach to sustainable living and with products which are as affordable as possible. By creating a website and business that not only serves as a shop, but also publishes blogs with facts which are backed up by hard science and links to the sources, we are thriving towards this vision.

Our products are often cheaper than on other websites, as our profits are at a bare minimum to cover the running costs. Further, each product is checked to be made sustainably and to not contain palm oil or other harmful ingredients. We strive to make sure workers are paid living wages, manufacturers and the supply chain are carbon neutral, and items come from the most sustainable background.

We want to provide you with detailed information so you can make an informed choice and to provide products which are as accessible to everyone as possible. That said, we know we’re not perfect and we always welcome your feedback! Maybe there’s something you think we got wrong, a topic you would like us to write a blog about, a product you think we should add, or simply a typo: email us with your feedback, we promise we’ll take it on board.

Who we are

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