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The Environmental Toothbrush

The Environmental Toothbrush
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It's time to throw away your last ever plastic toothbrush and say hello to the environmental toothbrush. This brush is BPA free, fair trade and vegan. Its handle is made from Moso bamboo, which is heat treated to prolong its life and provide resistance to water and the growth of microbes. The bristles are made from nylon which is also resistant to microbial growth during normal use to ensure safety and durability.

The Environmental Toothbrush company have a commitment to provide the best solution to plastic toothbrushes as is evident on their website:


Environmental Impact

There are over 66.4 million people in the UK and it's generally recommended that you change your toothbrush every three months. Not everyone does, so let's drastically reduce these values to say only 50% of people own a toothbrush and change it every three months, to give an overly conservative number. This still equates to 133 million toothbrushes every year that won't degrade for hundreds of years to come! We can't completely eradicate plastic from our dental hygiene with these brushes, but we can drastically reduce it!

For more details on the horrific scale of plastic pollution from toothbrushes have a read of our blog post here.

So why bamboo handles? Bamboo is a great sustainable alternative to plastic for a huge variety of reasons. A few key highlights of Moso bamboo are:

  • It's a shockingly fast growing plant.
  • It requires far less water than similar plants.
  • It's naturally antibacterial.
  • It's naturally anti-fungal.
  • It's incredibly strong.
  • Pandas eat 42 species of bamboo, but Moso bamboo is not one of them!

It's not hard to change, you just need to make the choice to do so. 

For details on why we need to drastically reduce our overall plastic consumption visit our blog post here

Product Details

  • Handle made from heat treated Moso bamboo
  • Bristles made from BPA free nylon-11
  • Resistant to microbial growth
  • Vegan
  • Lasts far longer than dentists recommend you use the same toothbrush for (8+ months vs 1-3)

Rinse, apply toothpaste if not using tablets, and gently brush your teeth in a circular motion or as instructed by your dentist. When done, rinse and dry to keep it clean.

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